Our opposition has launched a scorched earth strategy in an attempt to defeat President Donald Trump.  

While California may not see much action in the Presidential Campaign, it's vital we do our part to take back the House of Representatives.  So far this year we've seen Katie Hill resign in disgrace, and Congressman Mike Garcia elected and restoring dignity to our valley's representation.   

We have the opportunity to help our other congressional representative, Kevin McCarthy, become Speaker of the House.  


Additionally, we have to work hard to re-elect State Senator Scott Wilk and Assemblyman Tom Lackey.  Holding the line against the radical, extreme policies of the LA and San Francisco liberals that run Sacramento is vital to protecting our freedom and taking back California.  

Democrats have launched an all-out attack at all levels of government and we will need your help to hold our gains.  Please sign up via this page to our email list to stay informed how you can help.  


We are available via email at Drew@AVGOP.com or at (661) 299-7737.

Welcome to Antelope Valley Republican Headquarters! 

We need your leadership to move our state and nation forward!

Drew Mercy, Chairman
Republican Party, 36th AD